Florida for Thanksgiving '06

Cath and I went to Florida.

Upstate NY, here we come...

We all drove up to Lowville.

Gil and Rosemary Came to Visit

Gil and Rosemary Came to Town!

We Visited Sarah and Ben

Let's go visit Sarah and Ben!

I went to lunch with my fellow Katz graduates.

One thing led to another and then next thing I knew, I was organizing lunch...

We Celebrated my 40th Birthday

Yes, I'm old... Go ahead and laugh.

Ann and Chris came over for July 4th, '06.

Nothing like celebrating the birth of a nation with good friends, beer, construction, beer, kayaks, beer... You get the point. As usual, click here for all of the pictures and details.

Cath got a John Deere

Cath got a new riding mower...

My Dad Retired in June

Yes, my dad retired, so now he will finally have time for all those things he has been doing for the past 10 years. Anne threw a great party. Click here for the details.

A Bear Ate the Birdfeeder

Click here to see the damage caused by a *friendly* bear.

We Sold Our House in May '06!

I don't know if I even believe it, but we sold the Sewickley house and moved out. Click here for all of the details.

We Went to Jackson Hole - February '06!

After so many years of talking about it, we finally decided to go. Click here to see the details...

Phoenix for Thanksgiving '05.

Back "home" to phoenix for Thanksgiving. Click here to see the details...

We Went to Vegas!

That's right, we went to sin city... Click here for all of the pictures and details...

Brian and Jena Came to Town!

Brian and Jena came to town for Labor day weeked and we had a great time on the town...

Ben and Sarah Came to Town!

Ben and Sarah came to town in July, and here are some pictures!

Friends in Seattle!

Here are some pictures from our Memorial day weekend, 2005 trip to Seattle!

Washington DC

Here are some pictures from our April, 2005 trip to Washington, DC.

Skiing in Calgary, AB

Since 2005 is an odd year, we decided to go somewhere other than Utah... Check out the pictures from Kickinghorse Resort.

We got a cat!

Some pictures of our cute new cat

New Zealand - 2004

Here are some pictures from our trip to New Zealand!

We're really building a house!

After several years of thinking and planning, we are finally building in the mountains. Click HERE to learn all of the details and see the pictures.

Easter 2004

My Mom and Jens were in town for Easter. Click HERE to see the pictures.

Utah Ski!

In March we met our friends Jim and Susan in Utah for some skiing. Click HERE to see the pictures.

Cath's Birthday

Cath celebrated a big birthday in March, so we had some friends over. Click HERE to see more.

St Thomas January 2004

We just got back from St Thomas. Click HERE to see the details.

New Years Eve

Click HERE to see some of the pictures from our New Years Eve party. (Not all of the pictures, just some!)

Christmas 2003

Click HERE to see some of the pictures from Christmas.

Greg's Visit

Here are some pictures from when Greg came to town.

Thanksgiving 2003 - Home for the Holidays

We all went to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and had a great time. Click here for pictures and details.

We Really Are Building a Mountain House

The winter of 2002 was a tough one for our poor mountain trailer, so we decided to build a new house. Progress has been very slow, but we have a plan. Click here to see how far we have gotten.

August 2003 was for Graduations!

Cath and I both graduated in August, click HERE for pictures and details.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Just prior to graduation, I was inducted into the University of Pittsburgh chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma. Click HERE to learn more about BGS and to see the pictures.

Motorcycle Safety program!

Cath and I participated in the Pennsylvania DOT Motorcycle Safety Program. Click here for the whole story.

One Tastey Burger...

No, it's not a "Big Kahuna" burger, but the Hardee's in Donegal is serving up their own special receipe.

Summer Vacation 2003

What we did on our summer vacation - 2003 edition!

Mexico 2003

How can you argue with Mexico in January? Follow the link for all of the details.

2002 in Review!

Cath dusted off her html skills and put together a "Year in Review". Take a look and see what an eventful year 2002 was for our family and friends.

San Francisco!

Cath and I were in San Francisco in October. Click here to see our new San Francisco page.

Hey kids, what's new? No Kids, that's what...

As of August 11th, Cath and I are officially empty nesters! That's when Elizabeth heads off for her first year at UC Boulder - Go Buffs!

Sarah is in school full time in a joint program at CCAC and the University of Pittsburgh - Go Panthers!

Cath just started back to school to get her Doctorate and I am almost finished with my MBA from the University of Pittsburgh - Go Panthers!

Of course, all that adds up to some serious tuition!

The only one of us that is not in school right now is Fozzy, and everyone knows why he's not in school... Because you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

She's having a baby! (actually, she already had it) No, not Cath. Our good friend Ann.

His name is Spencer and he is soooo cute!

Spencer :-)

We're building a new house!

Click here to see the pictures.

Summer Vacation 2002

So far we have had a busy summer. Check out this page to see what we've been up to.

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