Back to Utah in '04

Cath and I went back to one of our favorite places in March - Snowbird UT. We skied for a couple of days and then we did some sightseeing and some eating.

Here is a shot from the balcony in our room. It does not get much better than that...

Cath's best friend Susan and her hubby Jim came with this time. Here is a shot of the friends and another of the group. These were taken on the road up Big Cottonwood Canyon on the way to Soliditude.

On the last day, we were tired and the skiing was not that great, so we drove out to Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake. Once you got past the smell of the lake, it was really beautiful. We even got to see a buffalo...

As is typical, we ended the day with a great meal. We introduced Susan and Jim to Bucca di Pepo. We were lucky to get the kitchen table, so there was lots of action as they brought various dishes by and explained what they each were. Of course, there was lots of food and wine for us too.

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