We went to Florida for Thanksgiving 2006

Cath and I went to Punta Gorda to visit my mom and Jens for Thanksgiving. While we were there, we helped them rearrange some furniture.

Their condo is really nice. Here is a picture taken from the outside screened-porch looking back into the living room and a picture of the kitchen. The kitchen windows have a nice view of the club house across the way.

Finally, a picture of the club house taken from the screened-porch. The picture looks kinda funny because I took it through the screen.

The poor turkey - he was late out of the freezer and slow to defrost, but he tasted oh so good.

We had lunch at Fisherman's Village one day - good food and a neat little mall.

We played train while we were there. Mom kept skipping me, so we decided to pass a pen to the next person when we were finished with our turn. It did not help... but it was funny when she skipped my turn. We also worked on the house while we were there. I moved a light fixture that was in the dining room out to the porch.

I don't have a picture of the final product, but here I am on the ladder on the porch.

Some pictures from the park down the road. We went to see the sunset on the last night we were in town.

We had a really great visit!

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