Outside Trim and Details - Continued

Since we finished the back end of the house, we were ready to move to the living room end. Same drill all over again, only this side is MUCH smaller than the other two. We also had to finish the window trim on this end. Here are some pictures of the project.

Since we are getting close to being finished with the siding and trim, it is time to start on the porch ceiling (Can't have too many projects going at once you know). We wired for recessed lighting, a spot light and ceiling fans. Then we cut and installed the hardie board in the ceiling. Drywall was much easier to work with - hardie board is HEAVY and a pain in the butt to cut.

Next are some pictures of the back side of the house with the end of the porch roof finished and trimmed.

Finally, we have some pictures of the house with a coat of white primer.

Ok, in the real world, it is now November of 2006 and winter is setting in, so these will probably be the last of the outside pictures for this year. If we get one more nice weekend, we might try and finish the coat of primer, but that depends on the weather. Check back, because we will be working on the inside during the winter, so there will be new pictures to see.

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