Outside Trim and Details

When I started this section of the website, I figured I could tell the story in 5 chapters, but I was wrong. So, this is the start of chapter 6 - Outside Trim and Details.

Once again, we got lots of help from our friend Tom. He helpd us to cut and install the Hardie Pannels that we are using to finish the foam walls. Here are some pictures of that process.

We were not sure how to finish the corners, because there are no clips in the foam at the corner. We called Owens Corning and they told us to bend sheet metal to fit around the corner and then screw into the metal. Here is a picture of on corner with the sheet metal, before we finished the siding.

Next, we intalled some trim and then started on the lap siding. Here are some pictures of that process.

We were tired of arriving at night, in the dark, without a light, so we decided to install the outside light.

Click here to see more outside pictures.

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