Still more new pictures!

During October of 2006, Gil and Rosemary came to visit. While they were here we all worked on the house and on the yard. We were still living in the mountain house, so it was nice that everyone was together, living in the house that we all built.

Here is a before and after shot of one of the windows in the house. While they were here, Gil and Rosemary installed trim on all of the windows in the house. Man what a job!

More pictures of the finished windows.first the pool room and then the guest bedroom.

Pics of the master bedroom and the monster - the living room windows...

Another picture of the living room windows. Oh, we also got Direct TV installed, so I included some pictures of the TV with something other than snow to watch...

If anyone asks or cares, satellite tv kicks ass. HD is quite nice also.

That's all for now. Real world time check - Thanksgiving 2006. I'll have more pictures soon because we have to finish the counter back splash and some other details.

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