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Coming off of such a big labor day weekend, Cath and I were really energized and ready to get back to work. Gill and our neighbor John put down some shingles during the week, so the job this weekend was to finish the OSB and then pound out the shingles. Here are some pictures of the tired couple after a day of OSB and shingles. Man do I hate roofing...

While I finished the shingles on the easy side of the house, Cath and Gill worked on the felt paper on the hard side. By Sunday night we had accomplished our goal - the easy side was finished and the hard side was ready for shingles.

Cath's sister came back from Phoenix to help us roof - thanks Sis. She and Gill and John worked all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the roof. Then Cath joined them on Thursday and they finished the roof. It was a good thing that they finished on Thursday, because Ivan showed up on Friday and it rained and rained and rained...

After the roofing was finished, we had to set piers to support the finished posts for the porch roof. We dug out two holes and set two cardboard forms, which we filled with concrete. Here are some pictures of that process.

Well, that is everything that we have from the roof - so far. The new posts are not up yet, but that is really the last thing that we have to do on the roof this year. Plus, this is the end of chapter four. Click here for Chapter 5.

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