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On Sunday we continued with the friends theme. Our teams were working well, so we split off to work on the beam for the porch, the rafters for the porch and the OSB for the "easy" side of the house. First, Chris and I had to finish instaling the ladders.

Here are some shots of the "beam team" The porch roof gets added to the truss roof, and it has to be supported by a beam. The beam needs posts, and the posts need to be set in concrete which requires final grade, so we had to build a temporary support for the beam. My dad and Ann and Tom all worked on that project.

After Tom finished helping the beam team, Chris and I worked on the porch rafters and Tom started to install the OSB on the easy side of the house. Here are some shots of Tom and the ladies... working on the OSB. That's Tom, Cath, Ann, Callie, Sherri and, of course, my dad and Gilbert. There is also a shot of Chris and I working on the porch.

That's everything that we got finished on Sunday. Two days down, and things are moving really well. And, everyone is still speaking to each other - BONUS!

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