Chapter 4 - The Roof

The theme for chapter 4 is friends! As in yes, we really have them. The roof is a big project, that needs to be finished fairly quickly, thus it requires lots of help. We started to put up the trusses over labor day weekend, but before that we needed supplies and poor Gilbert had to unload the truck...

Tom was our "project leader" - aka boss. Here is a great shot of Tom - bossing someone around. We kid around about Tom being bossy, but in the end, it was quite effective, since the roof worked out very well. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Here are some shots of us getting started. We experimented with the small roof so that we would be ready and "on a roll" by the time we got the the main roof. Gilbert and I worked the ends, Tom climbed down the center and my Dad, Ann, Cath and Dan all lifted trusses. It was hard work, but it seemed to go well. Holly tried to help, but she was just too short...

The two sections went up quickly and then we started on the details. The plan calls for two foot overhangs on each end, so we needed to build ladders. Here is a shot of Ann working on the ladders and another shot of the second ladder being installed. That's Sherri handing rungs to me so that they can be fit into place.

Here are the final shots of the day. Wow, we got a lot accomplished and at the end of a long day, everyone wants good food!

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