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Here are some more pictures from the second weekend of working on the walls. Slowly, but surely we worked our way up eight courses of fold form. We also finished blocking out for the windows and the doors. One of the biggest projects is the frame for the windows in the living room. There will be four windows all in a row in the living room, and getting that setup, level, plumb, etc. has been quite a pain. The other thing we had to do was to recover wood from the crawl space under the floor.

Here are some pictures of the walls going up, the picture window and the nice cramped work area under the floor.

Here's a shot of Gilbert up on the bracing and Cath screwing in the window frame. We all are sick and tired of driving drywall screws!

Here are some general shots of the bracing, the work crew, and the finished product.

So far, we have worked on the walls for two weekends. Gilbert did quite a bit of work during the week, but two weeks is still WAY shorter than the six plus weeks that it took to do the floor. At this point, we are ready to pour the concrete for the walls.

Click here to see the pictures from the pour.

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