Chapter 3 - Page 1

Building seems to be full of extremes. For instance, building the floor moved extremely slowly, yet building the walls went extremely quickly. Of course, there are many reasonable explanations for why the floor took so long - we were building more than just the floor, we were starting on the heating, plumbing and electrical systems. The walls, well, they're just the walls - so they went very quickly.

Here's a nice shot of the "floor fog" lifting as we start on the walls... Once again, we are back to laying out the lego pieces. One thing that's different this time is that we have to install frames for the doors and windows.

A nice shot of the "happy couple" - still speaking after 10 weeks of construction, plus one of Cath checking to make sure that the walls are level.

We made a lot of progress during the first weekend, but not enough. However, Gil and Rosemary made up for lost time by getting the rest of the walls layed out and geting started on the bracing.

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