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Updated 9/3/2004 - Lots of work, but little to show for it.

This is another one of those weekends (August 7-8) where you work really hard, but when you're finished, things still look pretty much the same. We finished laying out the lite deck for the floor last week, so this week we need to rough in the plumbing and install the tubing for the radiant heat. To install the tubing for the heating system, I first layout the grid in my mind, then I had to screw small plastic clips into the foam floor and then I snapped the tubing into the clips. Because of the size of the house, we went with six loops and only one zone. Here are some shots of the tubing for the first zone and then the first four zones.

While I was working on the heating tubes, Cath and Gill started to do the rough ins for the plumbing and electric. There is a good picture of the plumbing later on. Here is a nice shot of the whole crew sitting on the new floor.

During the week of the 9th, Gill and Rosemary installed the steel mesh and the outside course of fold form that will hold the concrete in place. Then when Cath and I came back up on the 14th we installed bracing, lag bolts for the deck, the rest of the plumbing roughs and the last of the steel mesh. We also straightened up the heating tubes and pressure tested each of the loops. By Sunday night, we were ready for them to pour the concrete. Here are some pictures of Cath installing lag bolts, the final floor and the tubing in the "basement".

Don and his crew poured the concrete on Monday August 16th. Here are some pictures of the work in progress and the finished product.

That concludes Chapter 2, a long, slow, stressful, long, long, long chapter. Next week, we get to start on the walls.

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