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The theme for this week is STILL ON TRACK!

Here are some more pictures of us putting down the lite-deck. We tried to square off each side before we got too far. That way we would not be left with a difficult cut when we got to the far side. Gil and our friend Chris helped to install and cut the sections of lite-deck. Everything went very well. In the end we were left with a cut, but because things were pretty square, it was an easy cut.

Here are several pictures of the installed rebar. The channels in the lite-deck are filled with rebar and then eventually filled with concrete. Once they have setup, they will be like little concrete beams that add strength to the floor system. Two lengths of rebar go in each channel and the rebar sits up on little stands.

Somehow in the middle of everything, we found time to screw around and to sit by the fire. Here is a picture of Cathy pushing Spencer around on the tractor. (don't worry, the tractor was not running) The second picture is Chris and Spencer sitting by the fire.

Ok, that's the end of the 8/3/04 update! We will be back at it this coming weekend, putting in the tubing for the radiant heat system and making holes for plumbing and electric. Be sure to check back for more pictures next week.

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