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The theme for this week is STILL ON TRACK!

Lots of progress this week! It's really gratifying when the look of the project changes. Sure building the beam was important, but it did not change the way the house looked. This weekend we really changed the look of the project!

First, we started to back fill around the foundation. The contractor - Don - back filled with gravel, which will improve the drainage around the foundation and allow water to run down to the form drain. That way our crawl space will stay nice and dry. You can see the back fill in the next two pictures. You can also see some - not all - of the rebar that will go into the floor that we are about to build.

Next, we started to install the lite-deck over top of the beam and temporary braces. The lite-deck comes in sections that are 4 feet by 14 feet. We had to trim them to length and then set them in place. We worked down one half of the main building and then back the other half. Here are several pictures of the large pile of lite-deck and the initial installation process.

There are many pictures of people standing around with their hands on their hips. We have started to call this the "what the hell do we do now" pose. So here are two shots of me wondering, what the hell do we do now.

As you can see, adding the lite-deck really changes the way that the house looks!

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