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We may have finished laying out the forms, but we had not even started bracing and aligning them. First we had to screw 2x4's around the entire inside of the foundation. Then we used a string line to align the walls before we screwed in kick-backs to hold things in place. The first picture is me attaching a 2x4. In the second, I am working with Don - the contractor - to line up one of the long walls. 250 three inch drywall screws makes for a long day...

Next, we installed cross braces in each corner and then we finished installing the kick-backs. Here is a shot of a corner brace and some kick-backs.

OK, now we can Ye Haw!

since we finished all of the bracing. The last few shots are of the forms as we left them after the first weekend of work. We will be pouring the concrete next weekend, so let's hope the weather holds out.

One more page to bring Chapter 1 to a close. Don has some detail work that has to be done and then we will take about a half day for the pour. Click Here for Page 5 with pictures of our first concrete pour...

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