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After the excavation, footer and rebar, we were ready for the forms. We are using Owens Corning "Fold Forms" Insulated Concrete Forms because they are easy to work with and they have a high "R" value. So far, we are very happy with the forms.

On Saturday, the day we were to begin placing the forms, we had our first change order! We decided that one of the rooms was too small, so we cut rebar and made the room slightly bigger. Here is a nice shot of Cath hammering rebar back into the footer.

Next, we start to layout the forms onto the footer. The forms are just like lego blocks that hook to each other and then snap down onto the row below. Here is a picture of the first row of forms in place on the footer and a detailed shot of a form with the rebar secured inside.

After the first row, we had to put down the second and then the third... You get the point. Click here to see our progress.

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